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The Rise of Rhodokia! (Future Event)

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  • The Rise of Rhodokia! (Future Event)

    Hey everyone. As some of you know, I am creating an event for Native Warband as a sortof fairwell to Warband in anticipation of Bannerlord. It is going to be based on the Capturing of Curaw event that Mag Dawg. KissMyAxe and several others hosted roughly 6 years ago. I plan for it to take place in late August. I know that September would probably be better as far as a turnout, but due to my own schedule and timing, I had to move it up a bit.

    So, this is the outline I have so far for it:

    First Map: Rhodok uprising in Nomar.

    Equipment: Rhodok Peasants against Swadian Militia

    Win Condition: Elimination of all Swadians, Swadians do not respawn

    Reward: Rhodoks get a slight gear upgrade

    Optional Scenario: Caravan Ambush bewteen Nomar and Tshibtin, Swadians and their caravan in a valley surrounded by Rhodoks on hills.

    Win Condition: First side to lose all of their 150 loses

    Reward: Upgraded Rhodok gear

    Optional Scenario: Rhodoks intercept the Swadian Reinforcements headed to Vyincourd Castle.

    Location: The bridge between Yaragar and Vyincourd Castle

    Rhodoks on one side, Swadians on the other, Swadians attack the the brdge to take it and move on to the Castle, Rhodoks have to defend the bridge for a set amount of time

    Win Conditions: Rhodoks Defend the Flag; Swadians Capture the flag

    Reward: If Rhodocks win, Swadians have fewer lives for defending Vyincourd Castle. If Swadians win, Rhodoks lose lives and the castle is reinforced, making it harder to attack.

    Second Map: Castle Defence by Swadians, with the Lord of the Castle hidden in a room. The Lord being the one that started the oppression.

    Win Condition: Reduce defender lives to 0/Kill the Lord for an early victory

    Reward: Rhodoks get better gear

    Third Map: After slogging through Swadians the entire way, the Rhodoks finally reach Uxhal and lay siege to it

    Win Condition: Eliminate all enemy troops

    Remainder of Rhodok troops VS 300 Swadians

    I would insert a map here, to show the route the campaign would take, but my screen grab program is not working right now.

    This is a very rough outline of the event so I am looking for feedback and help. First and foremost I would like someone that could write up a compelling story to fit each scenario and the overall campaign, and second someone that could work with me to put together the gear loadouts, since gear for this is locked for each side. Sly is going to be working the map side of things, but would also love help if we have any mappers in the house that want to chip in to make this happen.

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    For the gear locking, would you want to use the event faction system? If you just give me a list of the gear you want for both factions (for archer, infantry, and cavalry), I could add two new event factions to the module when the time comes for the event.


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      That is the idea, yeah, and it will end up being more than just two more factions since each map has different loadouts for each map. Rhapsodos is working on the loadouts for the first map right now. Add me on Steam and we can go over it in more detail.